WELCOME to my blog! Below is a list of things you should know about me.


1. I live in Baltimore but I’m from Connecticut
2. When I turned 21, my dad introduced me to martinis and the rest is history
3. I could live without food, but I could not live without coffee
4. I have 7 siblings and LOVE holidays with them
5. I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy and the Kardashians
6. When I play Balderdash I don’t play for points
7. I’ve been boy crazy since I was 5
8. I put so much wasabi on my sushi and sometimes I think it’s so no one else will eat it
9. I hate sharing desert and almost never order it
10.  All of my assets are in dresses
11. I’ve petitioned to have Thanksgiving be a Mexican Fiesta three years in a row and failed
12. I live for the sunshine and long for the beach just about everyday
13. I love the smell of dryer sheets and I wish they made a perfume the same essence
14. I sucked my thumb until I was 16
15. I love music both indie and top 40 and play out songs, HARD
16. I don’t like flowers, because they die
17. When I was little the only thing I would wear was sweat suits my mom made for me – I am still quite a Tomboy
18. I have excellent penmanship and do calligraphy as a hobby/side job
19. I work at the one of Baltimore’s “Top 25 Places to Work”
20. My dream when I was younger was to be on Broadway, and now it’s to have my own dress/coffee shop
21. I talk too much (or so I’ve been told)
22. My nickname when I was younger was Sprout and now it’s Cans
23. I work hard and play harder
24. Sometimes I wish I was a boy, mainly because I could pee standing up
25. I love making people laugh, especially my mom