Whatchu Know ‘Bout Me?

Sometimes I feel like life is just one big social experiment. Heady, I know. But if you think about it, with every new milestone in your life comes one big test to see how the environment around you changes. As many of my close friends embark on new chapters of their lives I have been on my own little adventure. The adventure into the truest me! How amazingly exhilarating! I know it sounds narcissistic but its actually quite the opposite. As I seek to discover how to become a better person, I am also taking into account the thoughts and feelings of those closest to me.

With that kind of lead in, you’d think I am referring to something sort of Eat Pray Love type shit, but you’re not even close. I dyed my hair blonde. did not actually dye my hair at all, my wonderful stylist, Jessica Mills at Brocatos dyed it, and it is unbelievable (FYI I spelled “dye” “d-i-e” the first time and had to go back through that sentence and correct every use of the word – stellar). I’ve never dyed my hair in my life so this took six months of convincing myself and my stylist (she was on board from the beginning) to get it done.

Some of my inspirations:

Twiggy – the original badass blondie


 Mother of Heath’s daughter – blondie badass by association

michelleTrue story, I briefly met Sienna in NYC when she was out partying one night. She will forever be my favorite badass party-girl blondie

siennaI’m only newly a fan of Jessica S. mainly because she seemed too vanilla (or should I say chocolate) until she went blonde. She gets most improved badass blondie


Although I did it for myself, the reaction of others is the most interesting.

My mother: “What did you do?”

My father: “Why in the hell would you do that?”

My boyfriend: “Woah.”

My boss: “Go blonder.”

My friends: “Bad ass, Love”

Friends daughter: You look like Elsa!” (from Frozen obv)

Final result below…well semi-final…I may keep going blonder. (don’t judge selfie face, I know it looks dumb)

photo (2)

Besides feeling super badass, I also feel liberated. Since I was a little girl, I always just assumed I would never be blonde. I remember being in Ecuador with my super blonde friend Christin when we were 13 and all of the children would flock to her and touch her hair because they were so in awe. I realize now, I was safer being brunette in that scenario seeing as the kids had just been playing in landfills, but at the time I was crest-fallen! My hair was/is too dark and it wouldn’t look right. I’ve also NEVER liked my hair until Jessica started cutting it over a year ago. She has single handedly helped me feel better about myself and encourages me to own everything (she definitely does it herself)…even when I had dark, lifeless hair. What I’ve realized is, I’m not sure I get more attention, but I love the results and I have an unnatural love for my stylist. In my mind she achieved the impossible! While I definitely already had a ton of fun as a brownie, I’m really enjoying this blonde evolution and I’m not sure I’m ever going to go back. 

“Does she or doesn’t she?  Only her hairdresser knows for sure…Is it true blondes have more fun?” (don’t worry I will never post this quote on any social media source) 


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