This weekend one of my best friends from life got married in Brooklyn, NY.  She found someone who truly compliments her and I could not be happier for the two of them.  I was asked to speak at the rehearsal dinner and as this was the 10th wedding I’ve been in, I decided that my speech should be my 10-times-a-bridesmaid advice to the couple.

First and foremost wedding stuff.  You don’t have to tell me what hell it’s been planning.  I know, trust me.  To make life easier – a few things post-nuptial I think would be beneficial for you to consider.

1. Reception: Drink as much as you want…without blacking out of course.  Every sober bride I’ve ever encountered says it “goes by SO fast” so I assume if you get a little buzzed the time doesn’t fly by as quickly.

2.  Pictures: Don’t freak out if they suck. Everyone will only look at them once (even if they’re on Facebook) and you will only look at them a handful of other times when you’re in the mood to be nostalgic (which I’m guessing will be about once a year).

3. Gifts: Bed Bath is no longer giving cash back for gifts but Nordstrom is.  Since we’re on the topic, spoiler alert…I got you guys cash (I’ve finally learned that’s what every couple wants they’re just too polite to ask for it) but I’m going to ask you not to buy anything practical with it.  One suggestion would be to go and buy a bunch of scratch offs for the flight to New Zealand.  I mean, this is a weekend of firsts right?

4.  Honeymoon: No need don’t do anything too extravagant…ummm….have a great time for two weeks in New Zealand you guys.

5.  Thank you Notes: Julia don’t make Rob help you do this, in fact, don’t even do it yourself.  Just send a mass email and BCC everyone.  Unless you want to put a personal note in about what you bought with my cash, but that can be a text. I promise people wont care.

6.  Name Change: Heard this is a real pain in the ass so I would say…just don’t do it.  You can get around to it when you’re pregnant.

7.  I hear people ask newlyweds all the time “hows married life”  – some suggested answers better than “nothings changed”:

“I don’t know, you tell me?“

“Tax breaks, baby!”

My personal favorite, just start laughing then walk away


Then just a couple things that will help make it last:

– Get flu shots

– Never let soul cycle interfere with cuddle time – JK but seriously get a king sized bed already!

In all seriousness and to add just a little bit of sentiment.  Never lose sight of what brought you two together, The Wilton High School Field House.


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