Bad rep

The other day I was driving, or blow drying my hair, or waiting for the barista to finish my coffee or running on the treadmill or SOMETHING just ITZ and I had an epiphany.  The reality reputation as we used to know it has completely evolved.  Hear me out.

Back in the day (high school/college/post college), if I did something questionable like get busted for drinking, fail a class, hook up with a sketchy dude, have a really bad lacrosse game, not get the job I wanted, break-up with yet another boyfriend…I would be concerned about my reputation.  rep

Everyone thinks I’m a train wreck, I’m never getting into college, I’m going to fail out of college, everyone thinks I suck at lacrosse, I’m never getting a good job, everyone thinks I’m a serial monogamist and I’m never getting married…(this might be true) and so on.

The reality of back then is that due to the lack of social media, not that many people knew or cared about what was going on in my life.  I had no idea how GREAT I had it.  The majority of my neurosis was all in my head (that might be redundant).

Flash forward to present day and the reality is that people may KNOW what is going on in my life, but the knowledge is fleeting and they still don’t care. We currently live in a crazy voyeuristic world where everyone loves looking at each other’s business but really only uses that knowledge to compare to their own existence and experience.

Should I be going on a tropical vacation? Woah, that engagement ring is WAY bigger than mine. Wow their house is huge and so well decorated! They have such a fabulous life, I need to go out more…

Truly, while people may be looking at your content, you are only a fleeting thought, because eventually it all circles back to them.

What is the lesson learned? Well the obvious, try not to care what people think, but the less obvious, people don’t really care about what you’re doing unless it is something that they might want to do. 

The less pessimistic version of this is live your life and understand every existence is special in its own way.



About a week after New Years I decided I wouldn’t purchase any clothes in the month of January. I did purchase a pair of gloves that ended up not being warm at all (in all fairness I was warned) which sort of prompted this non-purchase decision.  Ok so it seems, as with any crash diet, that the more I abstain from purchasing clothing, the more I want.  I decided that to satisfy my urge a bit, I would list five (go figure!) things that I’ve actually placed in my shopping cart but abstained from purchasing.  This is not an attempt to make myself feel valiant or any more fiscally responsible, it’s more likely an easy way for me to ear mark things that I like in case I want to buy after January has come and gone.

These are not in any particular order.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.23.14 AMIn love with leather detail this year (and every year) but these tuxedo pixie pants from J.Crew are to die.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.22.12 AMNewest fragrance by Tocca.  I’m already obsessed with Cleopatra and I’ve been milking the sample of Margaux I received from Anthro for about a month now…
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.20.39 AM Boho boot by Boden – because I think I’m cooler than I really am.


Back to the basics of being a complete weirdo, I love these. They are no longer available in my size which is probably for the best. Def a small doses boot.
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 9.19.21 AM Not necessarily this sweater, but every fair isle or patterned wool/cashmere blend sweater, I have picked up and put back or just put in my “bag” and never checked out.

There, that felt better.