Who’s that girl???

It’s me.  I’m the new girl again.  After almost five years working at the same company, I took an amazing opportunity and just like that, I’m new again.  Being new has it’s perks and excitement including being able to mess up a little and not get in trouble, being the center of attention for like one minute and thinking everyone is cool right away before getting to know them.  Some aspects of being new that are NOT fun are lunch time. That’s really my only complaint.  Of course the first day you go out to lunch with a few people so that’s normal but after that you fend for yourself. Although, finding a place to grab a sandwich is a lot less awkward than bringing your own lunch and eating in the lunchroom. My obvious choice is bringing my lunch and cramming it down in less than 15 minutes at my desk. Now that I have an office, I feel especially creepy eating my brought-from-home salad at my desk reading Digiday or Adweek. My options for bringing lunch are limited though because I’m afraid to bring soup because I heard someone make a comment that they ‘hate it when people stink up the kitchen when they heat up their lunch’. I guess that also rules out curry. I wish I lived close enough so I could go home and eat in my apt in peace just for the first few months until I got the hang of it.  Oh well. While I definitely have more confidence than I did at the start of my last job, there is really nothing more humbling than starting a new one.  Guess I needed it.