30 things I did not do before I turned 30


There are several things I have not done before my 30th birthday.  Below is a list of the top 30 things I didn’t manage to get done before today.So many things to look forward to!

1. Fake my own death

2. Put out a solo pop album

3. Buy property

4. Walk over hot coals

5. Donate my hair to Locks for Love

6. Get hit on by a male celebrity

7. Backpack across Europe

8. Attend a warehouse rave

9. Participate in a book club

10. Drive cross country

11. Dye my hair blonde

12. Make Coq Au Vin or Beef Bouruignon

13. Meet a Kardashinan

14. Get hit on by a female celebrity

15. Ride on a motorcycle

16. Do mushrooms

17. Attend Spain’s Running of the Bulls Festival

18. Change a tire

19. Climb Kilimanjaro

20. Live out West

21. Go paleo

22. Get a tattoo

23. Go surfing

24. Watch the Matrix

25. Get arrested

26. Get robbed at gun point

27. Get my boating license

28. Successfully wear red lipstick, a fedora, booties, bangs, hoop earrings or lucite heels

29. Get photographed for New York Times Sunday Styles section

30. Freak out about turning 30…Ok this one might not be true.



shit I’ve asked the interns

I’ve never asked the interns to get me coffee (although I’m tempted every day) but I do tap them daily for some useful non-work-related information.

1. Are ‘concert bras’ a thing and if so is there an age limit?

2. Is Dane Cook still cool and or funny?

3. How did you afford that Marc Jacobs bag?

4. What kind of mascara do you use?

5. Is Forever 21 still cool?

6. Were you upset when you found out that guy from Glee died?

7. Do you watch Glee?

8. How do you afford to buy lunch every day?

9. What kind of salad dressing do you use?

10. Wait, you’re still in college?

11. Is Gossip Girl to you like Sex And The City was to me?

12. Are crop tops in and can I pull one off?

13. Are you nervous the owners of our company are gonna see those pics?