15 things you need to stop doing

1. Leaving your card at the bar.  Just get your shit together.

2. Texting and driving. The commercials should be the last straw.

3.  Stalking exes on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. It’s over, now get over it.

4. Wishing you had another job. Grass is always greener my friends.

5. Showing up late to work.  Try caring a little more.

6. Complaining about your body image to acquaintances.  It’s so tired.

7. Being closed minded about food.  I promise bone marrow won’t kill you.

8. Making excuses for not exercising.  You’re only hurting yourself and no one cares about your excuses, they just think you’re lazy.

9. Taking selfies and posting to Facbeook, Instagram and Twitter.  (Cringe)

10. Keeping toxic friends around.  Some relationships you grow out of, some you realize you don’t really need.

11.  Letting your pride get in the way of being a good person.

12. Hashtagging for no reason on Facebook or in text messages.  They are not picked up on those platforms so it just makes you look dumb.

13. Bailing on plans. If you continue to do this, you will end up being the friend that someones “doesn’t need”.

14. Being passive aggressive instead of telling someone how you feel.  Again, you’re only hurting yourself.

15. Being obsessed with other people’s lives through social media channels.  Just give yourself a break already and live ya lyf!

Happy humpty hump day (even though there is a good chance you’re not reading this on a Wednesday).