feelin’ like a hundred dollars

My father called my grandmother two nights ago and while they were catching up he noticed she was slurring her words.  He quickly realized she was having a stroke.  He called his brother who quickly drove to her aide and thankfully she survived without any permanent damage.  Call it a miracle, call it good luck or an act of God, all I know is it made feel so grateful for everything.  I hit the pavement this morning for the first time in a while and was reminded of my days as a runner.  Tired as I was, I found myself grinning from ear to ear like an idiot.  Thanks for the clear sky and my ability to move one foot in front of the other with ease.  Thank you, thank you.


Do something you’re scared of….


We have heard the cliché over and over, most of the time in the form of an inspiration print on Pinterest. Do something you’re afraid of. Yeah, ok.
While driving down a steep hill on Northern Parkway the other day I recalled when I first started learning to drive and how I was petrified. I was scared to parallel park, reverse, drive on the highway and most significantly, accelerate.
Even though at many times in my teen years I felt invincible – it was those brief moments of fear that helped define my character. It is that pit in your stomach that makes you want to throw up. The millisecond before you jump from a plane or the moments leading up to approaching someone you like. It’s frightening and exhilarating at the same time. Because I’m not intertwined with conventional milestones I’ve found excitement in creating my own.
A few months back when I agreed to babysit 9 and 10 year-old boys for a week I was petrified. I love an adventure but I would literally have night terrors about being a working mom for an entire week….and I’m not just talking working week…I’m talking 7 days. The last time I was this tired was pre-seasons of college lacrosse.
The experience was so revealing about what I’m capable of and gave me a glimpse into what life may be like someday.
Top 10 epiphanies being a single working mother for one week.
1. Kids these days know more about technology than anyone.
2. Red wine is God’s gift to mothers.
3. Any mother that doesn’t drink is superhuman or Mormon.
4. Working out is a luxury not necessity.
5. Eating is also a luxury.
6. Routines are of the utmost importance for both children and parents mainly because it conditions you not to forget something.
7. You only REALLY need 6 hours of sleep a night.
8. Free time is for not doing or thinking about anything.
9. I get attached very easily.
10. I definitely want kids but will likely spoil them to high heaven…oh and I want boys.