When to hold and when to fold.

My version of the famous card game metaphor:

When to hold: This is basically when you keep the game rolling because today is going to a good one.

When to fold: You’re screwed.  Hope tomorrow is better and throw in those cards.

When to hold:

When you fill up your coffee punch card.  Or any punch card for that matter.

When you get your bill and you realize your server comped your drinks.

When you have a free pastry with your Panera rewards card.

When your favorite song from months ago comes on your indie radio station.

When an item of clothing you’ve been coveting goes on super sale.

When you go to get gas and the price for regular is $3.19.

When you realize days start getting longer.

When you get a sweet card via snail mail from an old friend.

When to fold:

When your least favorite song is on more than one radio station at the same time.

When you lose a contact.

When you get home from eating out and realize the restaurant double charged you.

When you bite into a rotten cherry tomato.

When no one likes your Instagram upload.

When you put on a pair of tights and your toenail puts a run in them.

When you rent a movie on Itunes and it takes 8 hours to download….and then you forget to watch it.

When you text the wrong person something embarrassing.




The problem with a blog is you put your personal shit out there and you’re then held accountable for things you claim to aspire to (see last post).  I’m not even going to pretend I’ve been doing a good job with my 2013 goals (as I write for the frist time in weeks and drink my third coffee of the day) BUT I heard the internet is a judge free zone.

So in an effort to take attention away from my failure, I’m going to make suggestions for things I think others should be doing!


– Follow Grover on Twitter @xGroverx. NSFW by the way.

– Take a bunch of shit to Good Will.  Do this once every couple months.

– Take the Facebook App off of your phone

– Next time you get a manicure, ask for a party nail

– Go somewhere you think is “too hipster” for you and own your own style.  Break down the walls!

– Follow through.  When you make plans don’t break them.  Be the person people know they can count on.  Don’t be a Betty Bail Out.

– Try Vinyasa yoga, just once.  If you hate it fine but just try it.

– Have gratitude every day for your health, family and friends.  It will put you in a better mood, I promise.

– Try to be nice to people you can’t stand.  This one is personal struggle for me but it also helps with mood.

– Go to dinner alone (you could have guessed that would be on this list).

– Join Spotify already.  Once you’ve done that, create a playlist on Spotify filled with oldies like Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Otis Redding and Ella Fitzgerald. Play this and drink a glass of red wine with no TV on.

– Try Tito’s vodka if you’re one of the few who haven’t.  You’re welcome.

– Make quinoa.  Once you’ve done that, never make it again.

– Join The Fancy.  I promise it’s a lot more interesting that scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest.

– Take a road trip to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while.  Bring them a treat from the town you live in.

– Try having a girls night without Instagramming ONCE.  Just try it.