Ali 2013

It’s funny how a good number of my planned resolutions for 2013 were broken the week leading up to the New Years Eve.  On New Years Day I decided that I’m bagging resolutions and I’m creating goals for this year.  It feels a lot less like setting myself up for failure and I think I’ll find more success.  Here are a few:

1.  Cuss less.  I have nephews, my friends have kids…it’s time.

2.  Be more positive (somewhere in between Buddy the Elf and Mindy Kaling).  This is loaded.  We’re talking outlook, attitude, the whole deal.  Wake up and smell the Italian Leather candle that I’m obsessed with.  It’s a beautiful day every day no matter what.

3.  Read more and always have a book on deck.

4. Make sure I blog once a week and always have a post on deck.

5. Go to the grocery store once and week and not buy the same exact thing every time.

6. Avoid G chat at work.  I haven’t gone on all week and it’s been so much less distracting! Imagine that!

7. Master the following yoga poses.  Headstand, Tripod Headstand and Pigeon.  Oh and avoid doing aforementioned poses while inebriated.

8. Consider joining a club sports team.  Since I stopped playing club lacrosse I’ve been jonesing for some competitive action.  I once said I’d never do it but I figure it’s at the very least looking into.

9.  Limit myself to one coffee per day.

10.  Make sure I talk to each of my 7 siblings at LEAST once a month.