10 things we can all agree upon

1.  It was cooler to wear your back pack on one shoulder.

2. Bed bugs are probably the worst thing that can happen to you.

3.  Facebook has caused more depression than the actual Depression.

4.  There is nothing “real” about any of the “Real Housewives of _____”

5.  People that tell you they don’t watch TV are either A. Lying or B. Amish.

6.  Scarlett Johansson will always be a home-wrecker.  And so will Kristen Stewart, Leanne Rimes, and Angelina Jolie.  Your fault for being a celebrity!

7.  Things that smell better than they taste, toast, anything fried and pancakes.

8.  Lululemon pants make almost any girls butt look good.

9.  People are judged by the kind of car they drive.  Sucks for me.

10.  Tuesday’s are the worst day of the week.



Thanksgiving Top 10

Per usual this holiday was a whirlwind.  Took 7 hours to get home Thursday morning.  Thank goodness I had a road trip partner, my brother’s buddy from D.C.  He calmed me down when I wanted to throw myself out of the car by asking if I wanted to play 20 questions.  Once we arrived in Wilton, all was good.  The wine was a plenty and the company.  Below are my top 10 from the weekend in no particular order:

1.  Playing with my nephews and being reminded that they will always win.  Check competitive Ali the door.

2.  Getting this bottle of wine from my sister-in-law.  It makes so much sense and is so awesomely gimmicky.  I wish I came up with it myself.

3.  Going to a yoga class with my mom.  She is so strong.  Those little pipes can do some major downward dogs.

4.  Trying out an artisan coffee joint in Darien called Neat.  I love overpriced coffee with Warby-wearing baristas.  Makes me feel rich enough to live in Connecticut.  Can’t wait to open up a place just like it someday.


5.  Wine nap by the fire.  Those naps don’t come from no where.

6.  Jogging along the Darien waterfront.

7.  Seeing the Rockettes with my mom and sisters in law.  Being in the city made me very nostalgic.  You can take the New Yorker out of New York…

8.  Celebrating my friend Ryann’s 30th birthday.  Made me feel like I was 15 all over again, laughing until my stomach hurt (or it could’ve been the lobster bisque).

9.  Getting to snuggle with my friend Lindsey’s little nugget, Thomas.

10.  Pulling into Baltimore at noon on Sunday.  Took me 4 hours on the dot to get home.  That’s right, home.

No sun without rain

For some reason it seems as though a number of people dear to me are going through a hardship right now.  I don’t think it’s anything but a coincidence but I’m finding it hard to stay balanced and positively focused.  I woke up to rain this morning and instead of being bummed out by it, I embraced the coziness of my apartment and the smell of fresh coffee.  I gave myself 10 minutes to myself without TV, computer or phone.  Just some reflection on goodness in my life.  The warm cup of coffee I was drinking, the soft blanket draped over my legs and the excitement of the holiday on the horizon.

Relax, slow down
They’ll hope, design
Even though he’s hard to forgive
When you can’t just fall in love
Just to know your thoughts you know that
You’ll be all right in time

10 reasons I’m living in the wrong decade

I swear I was supposed to be in my late twenties in 1985 and here are some reasons why.

1. My favorite fall trend is the floral jean a-la Laura Ashley.

2.  One of my idols is Elisabeth Shue.

3.  I love wearing turtlenecks with crew neck sweaters.

4.  I like it when men keep their hair long, like Johnny from the Karate Kid

5.   I’m meant to have heavy eyebrows (thank God for threading)

6.  I actually want my future husband to work on Wall Street (the one that existed in the 80’s)

7. I think I’m misunderstood.  Similar to main man Ferris.

 8.  If I could watch any show every day for the rest of my life, it would Family Ties.

9.  Popped Collars.  All. Day. Long.

10.   I JUST donated my favorite overalls to Good Will.


I just want everything to work out

In yoga the other night my instructor (also best friend) read a quote that brought me to tears.  I can’t recall the exact words but it was about letting the current of life take you where you are meant to be and not to fight to keep things in your life that seem like a struggle.

I’m in one of those places where I feel as though I’m losing hold of my moxy; what makes me unique, enthusiastic and excited about each new day.  I’m letting things get in the way of my happiness and contentment.

As I master my headstand and continue to seek balance in yoga, I pray that it will translate to my life in a way that makes me feel whole again.

Keeping calm and carrying on,

(image courtesy of Big Moon Sky)