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What makes us unique and why does it matter?

We are all just different variations of each other. Each person may have their own story, whether they have an interesting past of traveling across the country in an RV on a karaoke tour, climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro in record time OR they had french toast for breakfast…


At the core we’re all more similar than we’d like to believe.  Often the fact that we may be similar  is what drives people to do things that not many have done.   Maybe I haven’t traveled the world in search of the best bread pudding but I just found a new eyeliner that I really like and it doesn’t even come off when I sweat!  You see, there is a reason that I listened to that top 40 song over and over again all summer.  I liked it and so did you.  You may pretend not to like it but that’s because everyone likes it!  You can make fun of hipsters all you want for “trying to be different” but most of us are doing the same thing in varying degrees.



I understand why people try and be different, but I figure I’ll just try and be the most original version of me – isn’t that hard enough!?The real question is, if we don’t do things that are crazy different and unique aren’t we at risk of seeming boring?  Will anyone pay attention to my story about the funny guy I saw at the grocery story that told me I reminded him of his daughter then proceeded to tell me the best way to brine shrimp?  I swear its a funny story!  What makes what I have to say less relevant that the person that knows a lot about what the newest trends or has a more interesting job?  Nothing.  The people that matter are the ones that act like themselves and appreciate others that do the same.  The true original version.  I will throw out high fives to those magnificent few that are changing the world one witty tweet at a time but I will also appreciate and LISTEN to my peers and  loved ones as they tell me what they had for breakfast because they have the ability to make a difference in MY life and that is what matters.

21 things that should not stress you out.

In an effort to stay grounded I decided to make a list of things that are not stress-worthy.

1.  Leaving my garage door open all day by mistake.

2.  Forgetting to drop of my Red Box for the third day in a row.

3.  Missing yoga because I slept in…again.

4.  Not knowing what shows people are watching on TV.

5.  Having “nothing to wear”.

6.  Summer ending.

7.  Receiving a heated email from a client/coworker/disgruntled family member.  If its THAT urgent/important/critical and you’re in trouble – they will call you.

8.  Unread emails after work hours.

9.  The Facebook newsfeed.

10.  Not getting tickets to a music festival you’ve been dying to go to.

11.  No Labor Day plans.

12.  Being more pale than I’ve ever been this time in the summer.

13.  Putting down a book I can’t get into.

14.  Eating too much desert.

15.  Missing out on a cool party/event because of prior commitment.

16.  The past and things that cannot be changed.

17.  Forgetting someones birthday (as long as you make it up to them).

18.  Being inside when it’s sunny.

19.  Not being able to master twitter.

20.  Liking stupid reality shows like “Gallery Girls”.

21. Keeping old reality TV on my DVR and watching it over and over when I’m bored.


10 reasons to be bummed that Summer’s almost over & 10 reasons to be pumped for Fall!

10 reasons to be bummed Summer is almost over:

  1. You didn’t get to the beach as many times as you would have liked
  2. Summer Friday’s are over in two weeks
  3. No more weeks off from your boss when they’re on vacation
  4. Sundresses move to the back of the closet
  5. Jack Rogers have about one month left in them
  6. It looks like bright colors are still in but neons will unfortunately not make it through Fall
  7. Days will start getting shorter
  8. Boat season is coming to a close
  9. Not wearing make up to work will no longer be acceptable
  10. No more ice coffee!

10 reasons to be excited to for Fall!

  1. Boots, boots, boots
  2. Your hair will stay straight
  3. Perfect weather without humidity
  4. Outdoor fireplaces
  5. Football season
  6. Pumpkin flavored everything
  7. New beginnings
  8. Fall wedding season
  9. Baltimore Running Festival! Go team Petro Posse!
  10. Not sweating

Limbo lower now

I made a comment (to myself) that I felt like I was in limbo and before I took it any further I checked out the Wiki.

“(Latin limbus, edge or boundary, referring to the “edge” of Hell)” – Wikipedia

I certainly do not feel like I’m teetering on the “edge” of Hell but I do feel a bit displaced.  This “feeling” – which may be borderline irrational – can be best defined by the below:


1. I do but I don’t fit in.  I can hang out but I’m no leader of the pack.  I went to the Merritt pool last weekend and felt like an outsider.  Not too old to be there, but not young enough to be comfortable.  Just. Awkward. I read my Kindle and wore my cap to cover my face and kept to myself.  I went to a girls weekend with mostly married/engaged/mothers.  I didn’t feel out of place, but it was certainly tricky switching the conversation from pumping breast milk to the latest episode of True Blood.  I’m not going to heaven but I’m also not going to hell.  I’m just there.


2. I’m irrelevant.  Being one of 8 children it’s difficult to stay topical, especially when I’m not in the middle of wedding planning, being pregnant or starting a new exciting adventure.  I’m coasting.  I require no added attention.  I’m status quo.


3.  I’m not junior or senior.  I manage someone at work so I guess you could say I’m a “manager” but I still sit at the little kids table.  I lead accounts but I’m technically not a “supervisor”.  I’m responsible for the success of my projects and accounts and yet, I do not benefit from any of this success.


4.  I’m an adult, but I still want my mommy sometimes.  Is this yearning for my mother every going to stop? I’m guessing when you have a child?  I could not tell you because once again I’m not there yet.  I still avoid the grocery store like the plague.  I still get excited when I hear an ice cream truck.  I still love wearing my old Patagonia shorts, a baseball cap and my Shark watch.  I am an adult, I am adult, I am adult.


Happy Snooty Tuesday.


What a sap!

My little brother got married this past weekend.  I’ve been in many weddings, but this was the first time I had to fight back tears a number of times.  I love when I’m so overcome with emotion.  It’s times like these I really feel alive.

Besides loving my new sister-in-law with all of my heart, I think the other it was just very touching to see one of my favorite people marry the girl of his dreams.  To see a man that used to be the boy I played in the dirt with so happy to be committed to someone for the rest of his life really moved me.

I was asked to read a poem by E.E. Cummings at the ceremony and it was one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do in a while!

Who knew I could be such a sap?

I only hope to be in the same spot someday that my sweet brother and his wee Jane are today.