View from my office…

Being home this past weekend was bittersweet.  While I love being in CT, it made it all the more difficult leaving on Sunday evening.  What I need to remind myself is how great my current city is and all the amazing things it has to offer me in the present.  Forbes just came out with their “Coolest Cities” list and Baltimore is ranked #14! Not bad.  I will make an effort to enjoy the land of pleasant living until the day I leave for my next journey!


Break it down.

In case you were wondering how my birthday night was…

Come on ride the train.  And ride it.

Best Birthday Card Ever

Birthday email from my mama.  It feels great to be a year older today and somehow my mother has made me feel special every day since I was able to understand.  First by warmth and love and then by words of encouragement.  To this day she reminds me to keep my head held  high no matter what.  Every day is special and today I’m so thankful to have so many people to love.



It was the summer of 1983.  Baby Cannavino #3 was due on July 17th.  Johnny had just turned 3 and Lisa was 5 1/2.   I had miscarried twice in the two years preceding, and we were all anxiously waiting for Baby’s arrival.  “Back then”, we had to wait until the child was born to find out if it was a boy or girl.  I secretly wanted a baby girl, but knew that we’d be happy with a healthy baby!


At that time, I was a Medical Technologist working in an Obstetrician’s office.  I continued to work past my due date and on July 19th, while in the lab, I began to feel the beginnings of labor.  I told the doctors that I would have to leave to go home to pack my bag, but they asked me to stay a bit longer to do additional emergency blood testing for a woman in crisis.  Of course I couldn’t say “no”, so I continued to work as the labor progressed.


It was sunny and warm that afternoon.  When I arrived home, we called our neighbor, Gail Clear, who lived across the street from our house on Knickerbocker Avenue in Stamford, to take care of Lisa and Johnny while Dad and I drove to the hospital.  We were so excited.


Our new baby took her time but at 11:06 pm, Baby Girl Cannavino was born!  Dad was happy, but exhausted and went home to take care of the other children.  The nurses took my new baby to the nursery to let me sleep.  But I was too excited and just wanted my new daughter to be with me!  And I was so hungry.  At 1 am, the nurses brought me some crackers and juice, but wouldn’t bring my baby to me.  I stayed awake all night, waiting to hold my precious bundle.  Finally, at 6 am, the nurses were tired of me calling to find out when I could hold my baby and I first laid eyes on one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen.  All ten fingers and toes, pink complexion, rosebud mouth, pretty eyes, sunshine disposition….


To this day, you are my Sunshine.  You lighten up my life and every day, I thank God for His wonderful gift.

Happy Birthday, my Sparkle.

Tomboy style at its best

In the spirit of trying new things, I’ve tweaked a my summer style a bit!  While I still love nautical inspired outfits, I am experimenting a bit with fun nail colors (currently wearing Turquoise and Caicos by Essie) and expressive statement jewelry.

Blue dress, $17 / TOMS neon shoes / Antik Batik flat sandals / Tory Burch messenger bag / Tory Burch jewelry / Nixon watch / Chunky necklace / Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses / Essienail polish

Summer bucket list

Second day of birthday week and I decided I’m going to make a summer bucket list (technically this is something I’ve never done).

1. Plant something.  There is a pot on my deck that is just begging to loved!

2. Create my own specialty cocktail.  I’m thinking a combination of watermelon puree and basil (two of my favorite things) and name it something clever.

3.  Go on an adventure.  I’m talking tubing in the gunpowder, kayaking in the harbor (eek) or sailing on the Chesapeake.  Something active and outdoors that is best accomplished in these hot months.

4.  Switch to decaf for a week.

5.  Stay up all night, once.

6.  Accomplish one DIY project (recipes not included) and document progress.

7.  Get a minor sunburn.  (Haven’t gotten one all summer)

8.  Go to the driving range.

9.  Update my blog design!

10. Have a Sunday Funday.

Birthday week begins.

My 29th birthday is creeping up!  I’m dedicating each day this week to something new and different.  To stay healthy and positive I am going to try my hardest to force myself out of my comfort zone.  Below are Monday’s versions of trying new things in various genres:


So far today I’ve listened to some new music by Young The Giant who happens to be coming to Baltimore this weekend.  Check out this video of My Body (how fitting!):

Food: Tonight I’m planning on making vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls and possibly a vegan quinoa salad from lunches for the next few days.  I’m not vegan but I’m going to try and clean up my eating a bit.

Fitness: I tried out Virbams yesterday on a trail run and did some research on them.  I’m going to be training for the Baltimorerelay and I’d like to try this new method of evolution running.  I have super flat feet and they are said to be the best tool to train your body to run with proper form.  Here goes nothing!

Book: Just finished reading Gatsby for the millionth time and I’m ready for my next small literary adventure.  Still looking to find the perfect read I’m thinking either Cutting for Stone or Gone Girl.

Check, check, check!

Happy Monday.

Dear Facebook feed,

I have a problem with you for a few pretty specific reasons.  First of all, you think you know me and pretend to have insight into my likes and dislikes but you couldn’t be further from the bulls-eye.  When I’m waiting for the elevator at work heading out to lunch, I don’t want to see pictures of people enjoying a cocktail at the beach.  Come 5:30 I’d love to stalk your pictures and see what kind of amazing weather you’re having but not at the very moment I’m approaching the sweltering heat to stand in line at Pot Belly for a turkey sandwich.  Reason 2 but no less important than 1 is suggesting I should “friend” people.  In days past, I could ignore these suggestions as they would be out of direct eye shot on my computer feed.  Now, thanks to mobile applications, those suggestions show right up in my face.  I’d really like to know what kind of analysis goes into these suggestions.  What sick f*ck at Facebook is deciding that it would be good to suggest I become friends with my exes new girlfriend?  Do we have similar interests?  Lots of mutual friends?  Here is what I suggest Facebook – stop forcing friendships on me.  I’m impressionable.  Third and probably just as equally important is how addicted I am to you.  You’re like a disgusting vice.  And while your side effects are not visible to the naked eye, your persistence and insistence are wearing me thin.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  If you don’t like it, stop looking at it!  I just figure at this rate if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Happy weekend (Facebook) friends.