Inside all of us is HOPE



I’ll miss you friend.


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Progress makes perfect

Never thought I’d care about the color of my walls but I love my new dark blue bathroom. The bunglaow is almost finished! ¬†Here is a sneak peak into my front door ūüôā

First stop, Bungalow 231

Lots of sunlight? Check

Garage in busy neighborhood? Check

Balcony, garden and safety? Check, check, check.

I’m so happy to be moving into my new space in Fells Point! ¬†The entrance to the apt has ivy growing around it and I feel like I’m walking into some sort of enchanted garden.¬†

I’m making improvements little by little and the first thing that needed to be done was paint. ¬†I chose a grey/blue and only painted two accent walls but I’m loving how it looks against the white.

It’s all in the details. ¬†I love the crescent window over the bathroom and the molding lining the apartment. ¬†Two things I never thought I would appreciate.

Since it’s a studio, I have to be creative with my space. ¬†I’m lucky to have high ceilings to give the place a feeling of being larger but I need to be very smart with the furniture I choose. ¬†Stay tuned for updates on how to make the most of a cozy little nook!

Stages of adulthood

I can’t claim this phrase to be my own at all but I have no problem borrowing it. ¬†Ah the stages of adulthood and how they taunt us. ¬†From the ages of 22-27 we’re duped into thinking that we’re really adults. ¬†We live on our own, we have jobs, pay rent, have our own medical insurance, heck we’re even kicked off the family plan! ¬†We buy some furniture albeit not the most sturdy or thought out but couches, beds and end tables that serve their purpose. ¬†Our jobs also serve their purpose, showing us what it’s like to be a grown up by forcing us to go to bed a little earlier and focus just a little bit more on boring stuff like bills and 401(k) plans. ¬†This stage I adulthood is pretty fun. ¬†I say pretty because it’s also super difficult. ¬†We can’t afford everything we want and we have to work really hard to get anywhere. ¬†Our endurance both in working out and going out dwindles just enough to make us panic that we’re getting older.

By 27 you can feel stage I start to slip away as your friends and siblings your age get married and start to have babies. You actually start enjoying being a bridesmaid because it means you’re still young enough to be one. ¬†You dread baby showers because it means one more of your friends won’t be making the “girls weekend” this year. ¬†Stage II sneaks up on you. ¬†It’s when you’re expected to “do the right thing” and you’re even looked to at work for answers. ¬†Oh the responsibility!

I’m entering my own version of stage II and I’m moving in on my own. I’ve collected some decent furniture but I’ve decided to actually invest in my apartment. ¬†I’m going to add little touches here and there and actually care about what goes on my walls and where it’s even hung! ¬†This is new to me. ¬†I’m not getting married or having kids, but I’m taking the next step in adulthood and not relying on someone else. ¬†As stage II approaches you can do one of a few things. ¬†You can avoid it like the plague and try to hold on to your youth by hanging out with younger people, drinking the same amount you did in college and even living with a bunch of roommates mirroring a college life you still covet. ¬†You can embrace it and go the complete opposite way becoming the most serious version of yourself OR you can be somewhere in between. ¬†I haven’t got it all figured out yet, but I’m excited for the next stage and whatever it may bring.

Stay tuned for updates on how I hand stage II.  It should be interesting.