Starbucks girl

There’s this girl that works at the Starbucks in my neighborhood that really bugs me out. Granted, when I walk in there it’s around 9:20 and I need to be at work at 9:30 and I’m more than 10 minutes away so I’m not in the BEST mood.  But I legit have a really hard time making eye contact with her.

Ideas on why this may be:

1)  I’m pretty sure she wants to sleep with every man she waits on and says it with her eyes so maybe that’s where my hesitation comes.

2) It’s unnerving that she managed to match her pearls with her horrible uniform and somehow got Strabucks corporate to allow her to monogram her apron (YUP).

3) She wears lipstick.

4) She smiles too hard.

5) She spells my name “Ally” on my coffee cup

6) She says “Thanks Ally” as I pay her

Thanks, Marie have a GREAT day!