Officially Summer

What better way to start summer than with this tune. Put your headphones on and get in the zone today.

You said a long long time ago
you were happy being someone
Let’s go far far far from home
I’ll be glad to be with someone


When I hear myself say out loud “Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been” I feel slightly unworldly and uncultured but then I quickly catch myself and realize there is a reason I feel this way.  First and foremost, every day is a 10 in Cabo.  The sun rises and with a southern exposure never leaves your face.  While I was bathing in 30 spf, I still got that happy glow you get from an entire summer of being a lifeguard when you’re 16.  Second, the people are so hard working and accommodating.  Yes they will try to sell you the shirt off their backs but once you tell them “No gracias” they leave you alone.  Third, and I didn’t mean to make this a top three but it turned out that way, its paradise.

I have a feeling Cabo will simply be added to one of my favorite places to visit.  More of a pool than a tiered list; the beaches of Kauai, Bermuda, east coast of Mexico, Nantucket, Boothbay Harbor Maine, Naples and West Palm Beach Florida.  One other reason I probably loved this trip so much is I let myself relax.  I turned off my phone with no access to texts, calls or emails and just enjoyed myself.  Every morning I woke up without a care in the world and came back to work feeling as refreshed as ever.  I rarely post pictures of myself on here, but below is a picture of the bf and I in front of one of our favorite spots.