She’s a rich girl…

Woweee what a month this has been!  I’m not sure I’ve even taken a minute to truly appreciate day to day life the past four weeks.  For one, we went to Paul Simon at Constitutional Hall and it was SO amazing.  He still rocks out and his fans love him.  The  demographic was surprising, mostly couples our age with a spattering of people my parents age.  It was pretty refreshing to see how good music lasts through the generations.

After a two and a half hour set you would think this man would sound tired, but no way!  He was still humming along with his sweet voice and fanciful guitar.

I feel so lucky I was able to see him in concert and I will continue to listen to whistle along to his happy tunes.


18 Days

18 days until Cabo.  I cannot wait.  I think the countdown helps remind me each day I have something to look forward to and also how lucky I am to have something special on the horizon.
This morning in Bikram, the instructor said something that I am going to try to apply to my life.  She said that to remain present in the moment you must listen, that it will keep your mind from wandering.  This holds true when receiving yoga instruction for sure, but also in every day life.  From that moment on, I stopped planning out the first few work emails I would send when I got into the office, halted thoughts of what I was going to make for dinner and plans for the weekend.  I closed out all of the noise and just listened.  Try it.  It’s fantastic.

What’s new?

The scenario could happen when you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a while at Safeway, the gym, your hometown, the movie theater, a crowded bar or even just walking down the street.  Your brain immediately goes into panic mode; what is this person’s name, how do I place them in my life, is there any awkward situation I’ve had with them, did they just get married-have a kid- death in the family…It’s pretty nerve racking.  If only there were a standard greeting when you’re sucked into the situation and you don’t completely avoid (which I believe is completely acceptable).

Since there isn’t a standard greeting they likely stumble out a “Hi (name) or buddy! It’s been forever, what’s new?”

What’s new??? Compared to when?? I don’t know the last time I saw you and I can’t tell the difference between 3 and 6 months ago, so there’s that.  Also, it makes you feel as though something is supposed to be new. I’m not engaged, married, with child and I haven’t changed jobs in two and a half years, still living in the same place…so really what kind  of “new” are you looking for?  I switched up lunch this week to salads from soup and I’m thinking about going to see that new movie Something Borrowed sometime soon. Seriously though, what’s the point of asking someone “what’s new” if they’re probably just going to answer with “nothing much”.

I don’t know the answer to all of this, I just know the next time I run into someone and can’t avoid conversation all I’m going to ask is, “It’s been a while, having a good week so far?”

Tis the season to be married.

I found some inspiration in the form of a wedding this weekend.  I love weddings but what I realized at this particular one is with every wedding I attend, there is one common denominator; two people that love each other.  Hold the gag and think about it for a second.  No matter what happens at the event, it is completely upstaged by that simple fact.

From start to finish everything was perfect.  Even though we dubbed her Captain Kate, she was such an easy bride.  It made being a part of the special day such an honor.

The one thing I would have changed was for my bf to be there (he was at a bachelor party in NOLA).  It was the first time I’ve been a bridesmaid without a mate and it was an interesting experience.  While I didn’t have to worry about if he was having a good time or not, there were many times when I’d feel nostalgic and want him to be there to be the recipient of my cheesiness.  Hopefully there is no next time because who better to share this kind of celebration with than your best buddy.

Looking forward to one more wedding this month and then one every month until October.  Bring on the vows, speeches, toasts, dancing and laughter.  I’m ready.