Heavy Rain Boots

This morning, as I sat curled up on the couch avoiding the shower the local weather came on and declared 47 and rainy all day today and tomorrow.  Meanwhile, my bf is packing up for sunny FL this weekend.  This combination does not make for a cheerful girl.

It’s Friday for Pete’s sake, I should be singing from the rooftops!  Anyhow, I have heavy boots today and if you don’t get the reference run, don’t walk to buy Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  About 4 years ago my friend Emily recommended it to me and it’ has been my go-to recommendation ever since.  When I checked her blog this morning I found that they’re making a movie out of it!  I am SURE Tom Hanks will do a great job.
I’ll be in sunny Florida with my buddies in 6 short days so until then I just need to hang tight, chin up and plow through the week with a smile.  Also, I’ve got Bikram and plenty of friends to catch up with this weekend.



Mini Cupcake Venture

This weekend while gallivanting in New York City, we stumbled upon Baked By Melissa.  You know when you’re in the mood for just a bite of something sweet?  This place carried bite-sized cupcakes in flavors like Cookies N Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter and Jelly and of course Red Velvet!  It was the perfect treat for the four of us who had just walked 70 blocks from down town to the UES.

The Birthday Cake flavor was funfetti cake with chocolate pudding in the middle.  Does it get any better than that?  I’m usually not a sweets person, but this was just the right amount of sweet.

With just a little bit of capital and the right venue, we decided this is the perfect venture for Baltimore.  I only know of a few places that have cupcakes and I’m pretty sure if put in the right spot, this place would thrive.

Now, the search for investors, oh and bakers…I have a hard time with precise measurements!

In my inbox this morning…

I was greeted by an email from my amazing mother.  What a perfect message.  It reminds me of the things I don’t do enough that I should do more often.

Dance, sing, floss, and travel.

Dance. sing. floss and travel.

It’s funny how mothers have a sense for what you need even before you express it.  This is exactly what I needed for serenity on this busy day so I thought I’d share it with everyone else who’s feeling just as busy and frazzled.