Where would I like to be right now?

I was in CT last weekend and loved every minute of it.  The weather was perfect.  Leaves on the ground with a slight bite to the air…enough to have to wear a jacket and pashmina while maintaining rosy cheeks.  Window shopping around we stumbled upon Restoration Hardware and FELL into this…

When I’m grown up, I will have this couch in my living room.  I don’t care if my family can’t eat for a couple weeks…it fits my sensibility (was told I use that word out of context all the time – but I’m going to continue to do it).

If you walk into a house that has a couch like this, you know instantly that these folks know whats up.


Sunshine on our shoulders.

We had guests in town this weekend from Boston and New York.  Being a host is always exhausting, but in the best way possible.  The kind of tired where you lay back on your bed with a huge smile and happy anticipation of the next visit.  Watching friends reunite and adore each others company is so special.  It begs the question, do we all really need to live in the same city to be close?  Each city has its own charm and we’re lucky that we get to experience all three.

This weekend we made sure that we soaked up everything Baltimore had to offer.  Crabs, bloodies, Bud Lights, and of course the Ravens.  We were lucky enough to sit at the 40 yard line, 10 rows back and it was as if the sun knew exactly where to be at the exact right time.  At one point, my friend turned around to me and said “I couldn’t be any happier or content right now.”  It’s those moments that make every one of life’s struggles worth while.