Today’s obsession. Can you dig it?


2012, definitely going to be my year.

In 2009 I walked around the office declaring that I was pretty positive 2012 would be my year.  My dreams were completely crushed when one of my colleagues informed me of the Mayan calendar.  I guess I hadn’t seen enough “Universe” on the Discovery Channel to know what the Mayans had predicted to be the worlds demise.  After I scoured the internet for days researching, giving myself nightmares, I was pretty convinced.  I better get everything done that I want to do in the next two years.  Good news is, I have more time! 

According to a textbook chronicling the astronomy of time and the ancient world, the “Mayan to the modern calendar may be off by as much as 50 or 100 years”.  I’ll be LONG dead in 100 years (in a glass half full kind of gal)! To read more check out the Yahoo! article that granted relief to people, young and old today.

The Black Tulip – Harbor East

Just in case you didn’t believe my post about this place, I collected some proof.

I wasn’t even hungry but this quaint little set up made my mouth water.

Tea roses on every table.  What’s happier than that!

Seriously caffeine and flora.  I don’t hate it.

Trick or treat.

The year was 1988, the place was Wilton Center…back when we had Scoops and the little book store and Tom-e-Toes didn’t have a dining area.  It was small, quaint and everyone was still driving station wagons and mini-vans not suburbans and luxury SUVs.  Everyone knew everyone and the Halloween parade was a highlight of the year.  My mom had woken us all up on Halloween morning in a witch costume – complete with green face paint and in wicked witch character.

My dad took the easier route by putting on a mask that completely scared the SHIT out of us but we still loved it (it’s like being tickled too hard – it hurts so good).  My Rainbow Bright costume was my older sister’s before me, but it made it that much cooler.  The hours my mother must have spent putting together that costume gives me anxiety.  John chose Mikey Mouse…remember when he was the man??? We all look so pumped to be walking around to store fronts collecting candy, except for of course Catie because she probably got a stomach ache licking all of her face paint off.

Those really were the days.  As I sit her wondering what I’ll be for Halloween this year, I reminisce about the days when all I had to do pick out the pattern of my favorite character at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Guess I’ll just have to default to something ironic…or maybe I’ll just give my mom a call.

Okay okay I get the hype.

This past weekend I attended another wedding in one of my favorite places; Little Compton, RI. I guess this is what it’s like being 27, the people who used to be the ones holding the beer bong are now going to be called Mr. and Mrs.

I’ve always loved weddings; the dancing, food, drinks, laughter, and excitement but the bulk of the ones I’ve attended I’ve been in the wedding party.  Being a bridesmaid is wonderful because you are a part of the action, you get to watch the ones closest to you on the happiest day of their lives.  Best part is you have a front row seat.

One thing you’re rarely able to do though is step outside of all the craziness and chaos and really appreciate the wonderfulness of it all.  I’ve had my reservations about marriage (although I’m always judge free) but last weekend I got sit back, relax and take it all in.  What a beautiful thing, two people ready to devote the rest of their lives to each other.  That’s kind of a big deal.  Talk about being sure of something.  The last time I was that sure of something was when I took a crack at Grad school and we saw how that turned out.

Sitting a few rows back I was able to see it in both the bride and the groom’s face that this was it.  There is no one else for either of them.  I haven’t know them that long, but their sheer love for each other moved me to tears.  I mean how much luckier can you get?  I only hope that every wedding is like this, I’m sure it’s not but I’m going to pretend like it is.