The History of Rap as told by Jimmy and Justin.

Pure talent.  Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon just made it into my top 5.


A little rain never hurt anybody.

I’m on my way out of yoga.  I’m exhausted.  I had an unneeded glass of wine before bed that made my toe stand just a little shaky.  I’m thinking about my work day and how I have so much to get done before I leave for the weekend.  It’s pouring rain.  I get completely soaked right before I enter the building that leads to wear my car is parked.  My yoga mat gets stuck in the door as I try to get through and I struggle for a minute.   As I start trudging through the alley way, I come across little chalk board stand with what looks like coffee menu items on it.  I peak through the open door and see the most picturesque coffee shop although it looks more like a patisserie straight out of France.  I walk in without thinking twice and admire the individual tea roses on each small table.  The young girl behind the counter looks friendly and waves in to the counter.  She asks what I’d like and all of sudden I realize that I’m not actually in a movie and I’m I need to order something.  The first thing that comes to mind is a latte (which I never order based on principle alone) and as the young girl pulls the shots she makes friendly conversation with me.  Occasionally I glance around and see that this little cafe share’s its space with a little flower shop. Amazing.  I sip my latte, thank the girl and slowly and pensively glide out of the cutest little cafe in Baltimore.  The entire experience lasted about 7 minutes total but it woke up every one of my senses to the smallest of splendors.  A delicious hot latte, a cute little cafe, a sweet girl making friendly conversation, and fresh cut yellow roses.  As I walked outside the rain seemed just a little lighter, and the world a little more forgiving.

Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

Take a breather.

The transition to fall is often a difficult one.  Sometimes it can be tough to wake up to overcast weather, knowing that by 4:30p.m. you will not only feel tired but the sun will be going down.  Work starts to get busier and you get more stressed, taking your phone everywhere with you checking emails incessantly.  Make sure you take time each day to take a couple deep breaths and be thankful for life and everything we have around us.  Being thankful helps with bad moods, being grumpy, tired and irritable.  It’s hard to keep a pout on your mug when you’re being thankful for your health, family and friends.  Treat and take care of yourself.  Get excited for the crisp air, tailgates, making banana bread and smelling chili cooking in the crock pot.  Every day is crucial.  Don’t waste any time frowning. 

For the martini lover.

When I turned 21, it was the first drink my dad introduced me to.  I winced at the first sip, but after I learned to drink it properly I was hooked.  Martini’s have been my cocktail of choice this summer and I’ve found that making them at home an economic choice (especially when you have expensive taste in wine).  When I go out and I’m feeling rich my order is as follows; grey goose martini, straight up, dirty with three olives in a short glass.  The short glass is because I look like a chaunce sipping out of a martini glass.

The one problem I’ve had making them at home is not having enough olive juice.  I don’t actually eat the olives in the glass, they’re just there for show.  So I’m averaging about 4-5 drinks per jar of olives which is in fact NOT economic.

All it took was a little google action to find family owned Boscoli olive juice at $5 a bottle. It’s easy and cheap and makes 15-20 drinks!

Chin chin!

Sometimes I wish my voice was this soothing and every time I spoke there was soothing music in the background.  Maybe then people wouldn’t get annoyed with me when I become a chatty cath.  I’m pretty sure this guy makes a killing doing voice overs for books on CD.  Yes, people still get books on CD.  I’m thinking about getting it for the Dragon Tattoo books because it’s far too tiring to read these days.  Happy Tuesday.