Good clean fun for everyone.


Gob Bluth is back!

For all of you Arrested Development fans that miss the Bluth family and their hilarious dysfunction, get pumped.  Will Arnett has partnered with AD’s creator in a new Pilot for Fox called ‘Running Wilde’.  Before you write home about it, watch the trailer and see what you think.  Will definitely does have the ability to make you laugh out loud without pulling someone’s pants down or using a profanity but I’m not sold on the plot of this new show.  I have a feeling it’s going to be similar to Parks and Recreation, where his sidesplitting wife Amy Poehler delivers some great one liners but really the premise of the show is stupid.  It’s just hard to believe that there is that much personality in the office of The Parks and Recreation…call me crazy!  Even if the plot looks a little weird, the other saving grace is that he plays opposite Keri Russell.  I don’t care what anyone says, Felicity will always have a place in my heart.

DVR Setting: 09.30.1, 8:30p.m. Fox  – hey, I’ll try anything once.

Things to be happy about today.

1.  Not worrying what’s going to happen next

2.  Champagne flutes

3.  Little kids tripping, falling and not crying

4.  Rooftop decks

5.  Iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts

6.  Being pleasantly surprised

7.  BLT’s with avocado

8.  Cold Chardonnay after a long day of work

9.  Haviannas

10.  Bow ties on old men

11.  Sweet potato fries

12. Getting cards in the mail for no reason


14.  Hydrangeas

15.  Hearing your favorite song on the radio when you’re feeling just a little bit blue

I’m talkin’ about a little place called Narnia, I mean Little Compton.

It’s been a great summer.  Lots of tennis, crabs, beer, sunshine, good buddies and lots of laughs (obviously).  This past weekend I was totally blown away by Boston Harbor…quite different from Baltimore Harbor but with the same charm and no homeless people fishing for guppies on the Promenade!  In North End, you can even drink your beers outside on the way to the bar!  Also had the best lobster roll (since Maine last summer) at The Sail Loft which reminded me of Portside, if it was right on the water.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any cleaner (in every sense of the word) or more beautiful, we drive 60+ short minutes to Little Compton, RI.  I recognize that I’m easily excitable and enthusiastic but I cannot stress enough how great this place is.  Right when we entered the town and passed the oldest general store in the country, I felt completely at ease.


  • As we arrive, we’re greeted by homemade chocolate chip cookies…they must have known I was coming!
  • Needed some L&T for my BLT and needed to look no further than the garden in the back yard.
  • Stayed with a couple that’s been married for 36 years and loving life…it exists!
  • Cruised around on the most luxurious ride in town…a Pontoon boat that looked like a floating party bus.
  • Took a little break in a two person hammock as the sun went down.
  • Had a slumber party – middle school style.  The kind where you’re so tired but want to stay up all night gossiping.
  • Found out I’m better than my bf at something…Croquet.
  • Also found out that I’m HORRIBLE at throwing a Frisbee (you’d think going to a hippie school would have prepared me)
  • Relaxed at The Back Eddy and had the best 16 oz Bud Lights and oysters the Northeast has to offer.  Yes, I ate oysters.
  • Mastered a backward bend without a spotter and on my way to doing a back walk over by Labor Day!

Missed you Wath and Caroline!!!

In the next few weeks we will be saying goodbye to the beach, bathing suits, water sports and summer Fridays.  Take it all in because soon we’ll have football, fleeces, pumpkins and of course…more Bud Lights.

This definitely happened…

Had a litttttle too much red wine last night so Panera breakfast was the easy answer to my headache.  As I’m pondering how I’m going to get through the day the young lady behind the counter hands me my change…

This happened.

She asked if I wanted another one and I said ABSOLUTELY NOT.

If this doesn’t make you at least crack a smile today, you’re beyond help and should probably seek professional help.  I know a good counselor.

Been gone for a while…

…But I’m back with Bieber getting hit with a water bottle.  I have to admit the song Eenie Meenie makes my head bop a little bit when no one’s looking but this video of him getting hit with a water bottle cracks me up. It’s like AFV (America’s Funniest Home Videos – when Dave Coulier was the host)…you know the dad’s gonna get hit in the nuts with the baseball bat but it’s funny every time!

I would also like to state that when I was 13 I was not idolizing teeny boppers…I was drooling over Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain.  Maybe that’s why my generation is so well rounded and today’s tweens are so corrupt?  Food for thought I suppose.