What mood are YOU in today?

My mood wasn’t necessarily “happy” but this streaming music put me in a great mood.


You’ll thank me.


A taste of the good life.

Had my first taste of Louis XII last night and I think I’m in love.  At first whiff it doesn’t smell like something that’s going to be smooth but let me tell you…it’s the real deal.  After falling hard for this delicious treat I was told how much one ounce of it cost and I was quickly brought back to the earth…where I drink Bud Lights.  I guess if I had things like this all the time I wouldn’t appreciate as much?  That’s what poor people say I think.

Do people still drink it is the real question.  I mean, I know it’s awesome but does the world remember?? The stuff has been around forever and I think with the help of Jay-Z and maybe Ashton Kutcher’s twitter, Remy Martin can be THE drink to have. 

“Cognac “is a classy, sophisticated and really smooth thing to drink,” says rap star Jay-Z. His new Manhattan club, 40/40, features a “Remy room” in honor of his own favorite cognac brand, Remy Martin. He says he likes to sip Remy Martin’s Louis XIII — which comes in a gold-encrusted Baccarat crystal bottle for $5,000 — “whenever I wanna have a really relaxing moment, usually with a cigar.”

Welp, until I win the Power Ball or invent something I will be sticking with Johnnie Walker when I’m in the mood for something smoky.

Google’s got your number…and your last 5 searches.

So I go to Google “method actors” in my Droid last night because my friend Katy didn’t believe me that method actors really take on the personality of the characters they play and I was halted by an amazing feature which I probably should have already known about.  When I went to type it in, the search engine automatically dropped down to my last 5 searches in Google while at work.  I think the results are telling.  Since I can’t do screenshots on a Droid or I probably have to download an app for it I will simply list the old fashion way.

1.  cinghiale – my bf used it in an email and I was pretty sure he misspelled it so I just wanted to double check.  I was right.

2.  bremont mbii – my boss dropped a magazine ad on my desk and said “I want that…find it for me” – how Devil Wears Prada of you Matt (he’s really not like Miranda I swear!)

3.  salt baltimore – needed to make a reservation but got distracted by the wine I had the other night so I decided to google that (see number 4)

4.  puligny montrachet – white burgandy that I’m in love with.  Turns out the history behind it is a lot less interesting than the taste.

5.  silly bandz – does this even need a description?  If you don’t understand, just Google it.

Never did end up Googling method actors.

Love is all around.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the news a little more lately so instead of creeping on Facebook I’ll go to CNN.com or Drudge Report but it is so depressing.

To brighten the mood a little I thought I’d share my favorite moment captured from my best friends’ wedding.  She was so happy, her husband was so happy…everyone was and this picture shows it.

With everything that’s going on in the world it’s nice to sit back and revel in the simple happiness that takes place everyday all around.

I love stuff you can’t make up.

A while back I blogged about how I thought smoking looks cool but really isn’t.  I forgot about it (obviously) until I was reminded by Gawker that people, and babies!, still think smoking is cool.  I truly thought no one smoked anymore but grandparents, celebs and my friend Michael but I was wrong!

Hopefully this will give you a giggle after coming back to work after a three day weekend.