She’s got a blog, so what.

Yup, they gave Ali the Bachelorette her own blog on  I can’t even.

I need to begin by saying I was really looking foward to this season solely because I enjoyed watching Ali on the last season of the Bachelor.  What I realized is the reason I liked her so much was that she was surrounded by a bunch of fugly idiots.  Now, she’s all alone and I cringe at her every flaw.  I’m not sure what it would be like to be the Bachelorette but I can tell you this much, I would absolutely try and at least look my best.  It’s fool proof because even if America couldn’t stand what I was saying/doing I could still be a favorite because of how cute I’d look.

Instead, Ali decided to let Hollywood take the wheel.  Upon meeting her, one of the guys said he was glad she wasn’t Vienna but I’m having a hard time seeing the difference between the two (except for Vienna’s lazy eye).  I used to think I wanted hair extensions but this show has changed my mind.  At least they got rid of her roots.  Ok ok ok looks aside, the dress?? Sister is girl next door type and they put her in this horrible gown that she does not look comfortable in.  She has to have SOME say right??

When she greets all the bachelors it goes from bad to worse.  On her “blog” she self depricates and pokes fun at how she sounded stupid.  I would like to add that not only did she sound stupid and acted awkward, but she managed to giggle enough to make me think they had it on some sort of “giggle track”.  I can picture Chris Harrison and the producers saying “queue giggle!”

I don’t even know where to begin with the guys, so I won’t.  There was one guy that I thought was half way decent and then he opened his mouth.  The selection is so bad that I almost feel bad for Ali but then I’m reminded at how vanilla she is and I’m over it.

If I decide to watch this season at all, it will be for Chris Harrison because I will never get sick of that man.


I’m sticking to radio.

I’ve been playing Bulletproof by La Roux on full blast every day on the way to work for about 2-3 weeks. Lip sync, sing, dance the whole nine. This morning I turn on E! news before work because the Today Show is a buzz kill and I see the girl (?) who is in fact La Roux. Holyyyy smokes. A. Where is she from? B. Why is going on with her hair? C. I don’t get it.

I just don’t understand why she’s so pissed off?  I mean I guess the lyrics reflect a scorned lover but come on!  According to youtube you have three hit singles (I’m not sure what country) but that’s more than most people.  MY problem is I’m just having a hard time looking at her without cringing. I can’t decide if it’s because I’m I could rip those chords with a little more grace or because she looks like a cross between Ron Weasley and Tilda Swinton.  What is scarier than that combination?? I’m definitely having a nightmare about this sister and it will be in some random location like the White Plains Mall and she’ll almost certainly be chasing me.

Lesson for this beautiful Friday?? Stick to the radio.  TV ruins everything.

Spilled Coffee? NBD

A good day can be ruined in one simple reaction to a shitake situation.  As I was leaving my house this morning fumbling with a tote, purse, lunch bag and travel mug I dumped the entire contents of the mug on my white pants.  First reaction was a string of explicative words before I dropped my stuff and ran upstairs to change.  On the way up the stairs I get a call from our receptionist at work saying she got pulled over and will be late to which I respond with a nasty sigh.  I hurriedly throw on a pair of jeans, leave the white pants on the floor untreated because I’m angry at them for being white = ruined white pants.  Not caffeinated at all I get to work 15 minutes late due to spill/traffic and I am in a MOOD.  The kind where people walk by your desk to tell you something and then pretend like they forgot what they were going to say and keep walking.  Anyhow, I could have let the day spiral into stress induced heartburn but instead I chose to remind myself of 90/10.  Not to be gey, but you choose your own destiny.  Smile and the world will smile back.  That is all.
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Summer TV

The weather is getting warmer, summer Fridays are on the horizon and you’ve already dusted off your Jack Rogers…it’s time for Summer TV shows!!!

True Blood Season 4 – Sunday June 13th AMC

I don’t care how weird it got last season I’m sticking with it. I usually want to shove Sookie into the bayou but I’ve developed a new mini on Alexander Skarsgard since he started alex and katehooking up with Kate Bosworth.

Well played buddy! I’m glad the “devil” creature got killed last season because that plot line gave me nightmares because I’m 75 percent sure that zombies might exist.

Entourage Season 7 – June 27th HBO

Need to be honest, I fell off the Entourage wagon…more like stop drop and rolled out the passenger seat of one of their Bentleys.  Five months ago I would have said “OVER IT” but the taste has been out of my mouth long enough that I’ll give it another chance until it fails me again.  Interested to see some of the cameos.  Just heard that JSimps is on there.  Poor sweet Jessica. Wonder if she’ll start a ‘real life romance’ with drama.  Now that would be newsworthy!

Madmen Season 4 – July 27th AMC

I’m salivating at the thought of this premiere.  I don’t watch a lot of TV but this one really gets me going.  Don Draper is the kind of man that women want to be with and men want to be.  And I’d be lying if I said I’ve never google imaged January Jones.  Sorry but that sister is a smoke show, although I kind of like her in her period clothing better than modern day garb.  Sue me!

Spring Movie Review

On Demand: Rainy Monday?  Do yourself a favor and buy It’s Complicated on demand.  Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep shine in this comedy about functional dysfunction.  It really made me understand the age old line us kids of divorced parents get “we love each other, we just can’t be married to each other anymore.”  It only took me 15 years and a romantic comedy to figure it all out! No but ser, Alec Baldwin is hystercial and sometimes I get nervous that I’m so enamored with a slightly overweight, alcoholic, alpha male.  Every girls dream?

Untitled Robin Hood Adventure

Wait for the DVD: Robin Hood.  Dear Ridley Scott, I have a couple suggestions for the Robin Hood sequel which is defintely happening – per the ending of this one.  First, I’m gonna go ahead and DOUBT that the first thing Russell Crowe would do after he finds Marion in the water after she got served is french kiss her.  You had so many opportunities for them to make out and you choose one of the only legit fight scene.  And I don’t buy that they’re in love, sorry I just don’t.  I almost said this out loud but I was trying to be on good behavior in this 148  minute movie.

My second suggestion is if you’re going to make a movie with Rusty Crizzle you might want to have at least three bloody fight scenes.  I counted two and a half because ambushes don’t count.

I laughed out loud at the lost boys plot line because it was so random but I think the fact that I had just watched the end of Hook the other night might have something to do with it.  All in all this one gets a B which means wait for Netflix.

Happy Friday.

Growing up in CT I wasn’t exposed to as much rap as I would have liked (besides Dre 2001 but does that really count?) So when I got to college I was introduced to the likes of this amazing beat.  I remembered it the other day when “bom ba ba bom bom Rocky Balboa” got stuck in my head.  Also, unbeknown to me it was one of Lil Wayne’s first hits.

Make sure you play it real loud in your cube.  I swear people will start bopping their heads and/or tell you to turn it down.