Modern Family; the best show on TV recognized by 69th Annual Peabody Awards

Not only is it the funniest show on TV, Modern Family has a great message.  This show is fun for all, and everyone can relate on a certain level.  The show won a Peabody Award that recognizes entertainment  in 2009 that is “varied widely and appealed to viewers and listeners with very different tastes, interests and concerns.”

A show about the ups and downs of an extended family, Modern Family takes a hilarious spin on what has become familial norm.  Last week Cameron flashes back to when he offended Jay’s wife Gloria in this hilarious scene.

Airing on Wednesday’s night’s on ABC at 9:00p.m. this show is a must see. You can watch by yourself, with your boyfriend or your dad and you will laugh the same amount. We’re talking belly laughs folks. It’s nearing the end of the season and I don’t doubt that it will be renewed so if you haven’t seen it, join the rest of the country in a good chuckle.


Can I get a RECAP!?

In case you missed it, do your homework and read New York Mag’s recap of last night’s Gossip Girl to get yourself up to date.  I’m really glad I decided to have school work and People magazine on hand while the episode aired because I only found myself looking up when something less than absurd occurred which was NOT too often.


  1. Do we really believe that Jenny is stupid enough to fall for Agnes’ tricks?  Yes, yes we do.  Is it also SO believable that after all of this time, Jenny still loves Nate?  Yes, only because who doesn’t love Nate with his tousled tresses and vacant blue eyes?
  2. Eleanor Waldorf wears pants suits and has a haircut that belongs on the Today Show.  I have a hard time believing she is really Blair’s mother. She’s not fooling anyone with the uppity accent that has a twinge of Brit in it.  We know you got your slacks from Ann Taylor Loft.
  3. Serena and Nate trying to scheme was so cute.  They really thought they were going to accomplish something!  That just goes to show you that if you’re that good looking, you do NOT need to be smart to have self confidence.  I do love Serena and Nate together though.  For once the planets have aligned and two people stupid enough to think that Captain Crunch really was a Captain in the army are dating.  I’m into it.
  4. I have second hand embarrassment for Dan and “Va-fucking-Nessa”.  It’s just all so cringe worthy.  The scene where they decide to role play?  I rather look down and read about how Sandra “married a monster” and how Padma is having baby daddy issues.  Also, how come the only thing Rufus notices when they’re at the table is that V’s hair is different.  If I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure she’s wearing white gloves.
  5. While we’re on the topic, should I feel pathetic that 19 year olds on the CW are role playing and I’m not?  What’s considered acceptable role play these days?  Cops and robbers?  Cowboys and indians?  Suggestions are welcomed.
  6. The headband comment rattled me.  Only because I haven’t been wearing them lately and I thought it was just because I was giving them a little break.  What if I’m over them, just like BW.  WWBWD?? She would probably pick another obsession.  I’ll have to work on that.
  7. Dear Ed Westwick,  I’m so glad I got to see your softer side!  Now I have confidence that you will be the only cast member to continue on to feature films that don’t involve a deranged stepdad or pants that are expected to fit America Ferrera AND Blake Lively.
  8. Why is Blair surprised to hear that the NYU girls follow Gossip Girl?  Why isn’t she more concerned that they thought she was dead?  When are we going to meet Kristen Bell’s character and are people going to be freaked out when they find out she’s a 29 year old following around a bunch of teenagers?!?!?!

These are just a few things that kept me tossing and turning all night.  I AM SURE I’m not alone.

The perfect bag for girls that aren’t “bag girls”

Ok so usually I have a rule that I must love something for at least three weeks before I buy it.  Problem is, I didn’t implement this rule until the end of my 3 years of living in Manhattan…WOOPS! You live and you learn right?!  Well it is much easier to stay away from shopping in Baltimore but as I experienced on the streets of New York, friends and strangers alike are walking advertisements for clothes, jewelry and accessories.

That being said, I am not a bag person.  I have a few nice bags but they are treated like L.L. Bean back packs I used in middle school.  Scuffed, misshaped and misused I do not drop serious coin on my bags.  BUT recently I’ve noticed girls about town carrying MZ Wallace bags that are just my style.  Nylon with leather trim, they are soft yet durable and look adorbs to boot.

My favorite is the Olivia in Navy.  The price point isn’t bad and well its Navy and that is one of my staples for spring.

mz wallace bag

If you’re not an online shopper and want to see what it looks like dangling from your shoulder you can also get them at Sassanova in Harbor East.  Be sure to check out their adorable headbands.  I never leave without buying or at least thinking about buying something!