“Defriend”, “Unfriend” let’s call the whole thing off!

When I first moved to Baltimore I met someone at a bar and the first thing he asked me was how many facebook friends I had.  I didn’t know at the time so I had to look at my blackberry and told him it was 825.  He laughed at me and told me I wasn’t anyone until I hit 1,000.  This was in January of ’09.  Things were different then.  I had just moved to a new city and started a new job.  I was vulnerable and naive and thought he was right, I was no one until I hit 1,000 friends.  I did everything I could to add people, and using the “people you may know” function was a daily activity.  Things got out of hand when I realized it takes three months to friend 100 people (that you know).  I also started to feel the pain as my newsfeed was flooded with  “Susie _____ really can’t wait for girls night and the season premiere of  The Hills!!!” or “Roy _____ switched my motto, instead of saying ‘F*ck tomorrow’ That buck that bought a bottle could’ve struck the lotto.  Getting real weird tonight.”


A quick fix was to “hide” people from my newsfeed so they never show up but that didn’t work because I still knew that these people I don’t really know/care about were still “buddies”.  That’s when the defriending started.  I was working in the opposite direction I was headed less than a year ago and it was very liberating.

I forgot about this for a while since the mass genocide of FB friends was starting to prove tedious (I got tired after last names that begin with H) until I read this article in NYmag; “Facebook Doesn’t Care If you ‘Defriend’ or ‘Unfriend'” :

“When the good folks at the New Oxford American Dictionary named “unfriend” its word of the year earlier this week, they likely had no idea they’d initiated the fiercest lexicographical debate since the Great McJob Controversy of 2003. That’s because many people — including everyone at Daily Intel — had been using the term “defriend” to refer to the act of removing one’s friend on Facebook. As proponents argued their cases on message boards across the Internet, Oxford University Press weighed in. “Unfriend was chosen because it’s much more common than defriend,” a publicist told ABC News.”

I disagree wholeheartedly and will continue to use the word “defriend”.  I will also start to use it in real life.  So don’t cross me folks or I might just have to defriend you.


Beat the Bulge: Winter Cardio Mix


Some oldies but goodies or new songs I can’t get out of my head.  Perfect for the drone of the treadmill or your cardio machine of choice.

  1. Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say
  2. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  3. Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
  4. Blur – Song 2
  5. Madonna – 4 Minutes
  6. Phoenix – Lisztomania
  7. Girl Talk – In Step
  8. T.I. – Whatever You Like
  9. Black Eyed Peas – I’ve Got a Feelin’
  10. Beyonce – Crazy In Love
  11. Killers – Spaceman
  12. Maino – All the Above
  13. Weezer – Say it ‘Aint So
  14. Madonna – Hung Up
  15. Wale – Chillin’
  16. T.I. – Life Your Lyf
  17. Miley Cyrus – Party in the U.S.A.
  18. Anya Marina – Whatever You Like
  19. Michael Franti – Say Hey (I Love You)

‘Sagns-off 2009

It’s November and you know what that means!!! Fires and Lasagna and red wine oh my!

Since I do not live in the same states as my two besties, we were forced to have our first annual ‘Sagna-off via mobile uploads.  The results are in…

Second Runner up is Ali’s Late Night B-Nut Squash ‘Sagns (Maryland)

Grade: 80%

Points Lost:  Needed meat (apparently), and wasn’t finished until 10:00p.m.  I’m not in Europe, I’m in Baltimore.  We drink ‘Bo not Cotes-du-rhone.

Room for improvement:  A first timer to lasagna, I’m o.k. with second runner up.  And it was only $14 for ingredients.


First runner up is Lindsey’s Time Saver Surprise! (Tennessee)

Grade: 89%
Points Lost: Lins used frozen spinach and sqaush puree, BUT this saved time softening the squash for sure.

Room for improvement: More cheese?? Always.


The Winner!!! Ryann’s first lasagna with a peasano last name (Connecticut)

Grade: 90%

Points Lost: Could have used more sauce

What she did right:  Since Ryann represents Italians with her new last name she will really have to perfect Italian dishes.  Having le creuset cookware definitely helps.  Must remember to put one on my registry in 2015!  Also it’s very clear that Lindsey and I need iPhones.


Tuesday Lunch Club: Minutes

Tuesday lunch club was created today.


  • I challenged Tashia to name all 8 states that start with the letter “M”.  She got most of them but had to start over 4 times
  • Mike proceeds to sing the “50 States Song” (off key)
  • Heather knows the song too but won’t sing it because singing in public gives her hives
  • Upon Tashia’s return from Texas she has a new found obsession with Bahama Mamas
  • Heather and Ali think that is gross and also think Tashia may have a drinking problem (this will be discussed in next week’s session)
  • Heather has to prove herself so she brings up the cookie bake off we’re planning for Christmas
  • Mike says he doesn’t just eat Safeway brand cookies (I accused him)
  • Heather tells the table about the dehydrator we’re bidding for on ebay
  • Tashia thinks that making beef jerky sounds really gross but requested we make turkey jerky
  • Mike says beef jerky is too trendy
  • We’re all pretty sure Mikes lunch looks like this every day


  • Mike says the rest of our lunches are too trendy (anything involving left overs or something you have to heat up)
  • I tell the table about an upcoming blog post and don’t want Heather to take offense since she in fact did kiss someone with the H1N1 virus
  • Heather assures everyone in the club that she is healthy and swine free
  • New club motto: We don’t judge. We just judge others
  • I look at the calories on my Soup at Hand and realize it has 200 calories so only eat half
  • Heather looks at the nutrition facts and almost falls back on her stool as she reads “8 grams of fat”!  (gasp)
  • We then try to get Mike to drink the rest of the soup
  • Rich comes in and tries to scotch tape me and Tashia’s mouth shut – apparently we were disrupting creative flow
  • Tashia took note of Mike’s extensive vocabulary: Plethora, disheveled
  • Everyone has to come up with a fake city to be the mayor of
  • Mike – Attorney General of New Provolone
  • Heather – Congresswoman of Hiveselvania
  • Tashia – Sheriff of Secretarytown
  • Me – Deputy Treasurer of Upper Blogsburg

*** We are not currently accepting applicants. At  max capacity (4 seats around high top table in the break room)

Improving my character one vice at a time.

Advice to all on this gorgeous Monday; put your blackberry/iPhone down for approx three days and it will decrease stress.  I just underwent this experiment although it was not by choice.  My blackberry disappeared last week somewhere in between the gym and Safeway (that crazy homeless lady with the shopping cart is probably talking into it pretending to communicate with aliens or something real bat shit).  I have insurance (obviously) but Asurion just couldn’t get it right.  First they sent me the World Edition with no battery.  I sent that back and requested the Curve 8830 because that is what I had and they sent me the World Edition again.  Turns out, the Curve is actually the 8330 and I kept requesting the wrong one!  My bad!! Anyway I was without a blackberry for 2.5 days and this is what I got out of it:

Blackberry Stress Index

1.  The blackberry World Edition is for rich people in 2005 and poor people that lose their phones in 20o9.  (no points just an observation)

2.  Having 30 people in my BBM contacts is not really a feat if I only talk to 8 of them. (again, no point just an observation)

3.  I don’t really need my gmail on my phone.  The only thing I get emailed about is weekend plans and I don’t need to see that first thing Monday morning.  I can wait until at least 9am when I get into work. (plus 5)

4.  Re: Facebook application: At 1o:00p.m. on a Tuesday I don’t need to know that someone is having a charity happy hour at the Reserve.  I’ll want to go really bad and can’t because I’m studying and will feel left out.  Also, I don’t want to see ugly pictures of me from late night on Halloween.  Ignorance is clearly bliss (plus 10).

5.  Without the blackberry you’d think you’d have more stress making plans.  On the contrary!  If people make a plan with you, they have to follow through because they have no way of cancelling.  I bet back in the 90’s people never broke plans.  (plus 4)

6.  Not having my blackberry made me a lot more attentive to what was going on in my life and the world.   I read the news,  did some studying and even cooked! (plus 6)

25 stress points against having a blackberry.  Too bad being connected to the world and managing my social life is worth 100 points!

Just like every other vice (equal, red wine, coffee) my blackberry issue will not be readdressed until lent.  Trouble is I’m do for an upgrade in April 2010!!! blackberry world